Water grasslands in Czech Republic

    What is the used name in your country?
    Vodní louky, zaplavované louky (naturally - podmáčené louky, mokré louky)
    How/why/by, whom was it created?

    Research:  Zdeněk Kučera; upload: Bénédicte Gaillard: The entries are still in process

    There are wetlands, waterlogging permanent pastures or meadows, but it is not controlled irrigation to increase agricultural productivity. Generally waterlogging meadows had been created by natural way. (High level of ground water, closeness of rivers or water reservoirs). Then water meadows have been created in places, where was interrupted melioration or after compacting of soil due to huge pressure on the soil profile.

    Some wetlands might be created in process of Land consolidation.


    National report on water management 2015 by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic (ISBN: 978-80-7434-329-2 ): download:http://eagri.cz/public/web/file/510254/Zprava_o_stavu_vodniho_hospodarstvi_Ceske_republiky_v_roce_2015___eng.pdf


    The water meadows are supported in RDP (due to low profit and there is special management), The LPIS defines 3.765.77 ha of waterlogging meadows in CZ, of which 2177.67 ha are managed in one of the ecological regimes.

    It is possible that some water meadows existed, but certainly only on very small and insignificant areas. Irrigation systems have always been associated with orchards, vineyards and arable field production. Something else is a flooded soil or controlled spread that originated for the water regime and not for the production of meadows.